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ExecuMate - Look Into The Financial Health And Activity Of Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world you don’t have time to dig through mountains of reports to answer questions. If you need instant and total insight into your financial picture, you need ExecuMate, our Executive Information System that gives you a window into the financial health and activity of your business.

With it, you get summarized information to help you quickly spot trends, changes, problems, and areas that need attention. Then you can "zoom" in for a more detailed analysis of these areas. You can press a key to bring up a review screen that presents an up-to-the-minute summary of the thousands of pieces of information in your SouthWare Excellence Series™ business system. In less than a minute you can check all the vital signs for your company. Then spend as much time as you need zooming into the details of the areas that need your attention.

 Key features include:

  • Know your up-to-the-minute overall financial picture
  • Review a summary of each important accounting area
  • Zoom into deeper layers of detail all the way down to individual transactions
  • Interactively review your financial statements at any level of detail
  • Get “Alert” warnings for key financial areas
  • Check financial results for different profit centers
  • Continually monitor today’s sales
  • Know your current cash situation and how it got that way
  • Graph trends and relationships in your financial data
  • Keep and analyze summary statistics on all your business activity


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