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E-Commerce Software

SouthWare’s E-Commerce software is fully integrated with your business management system, providing you with a powerful alternate sales and service channel for your customers.  Whether you need browser-based access for your internal team, a portal for customers or a full e-commerce shopping solution, NetLink provides the solution. This completely integrated solution ensures that users or shoppers are always accessing up-to-the-minute accurate data.  You can spend thousands of dollars integrating an ecommerce site into your financial and inventory system, or you can just add NetLink. 

Your remote employees and customers can now submit orders, quickly check account balances, check status of orders, submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address, request product literature, and many similar functions in a “self-serve” environment.

NetLink E-Commerce Software provides your business a comprehensive eBusiness solution. You can easily publish any of your business data in a tightly controlled security scheme and receive data back from users or your ecommerce sales site that is then validated before updating your system’s files. You can customize every aspect of your eBusiness site – in fact much of the system is designed to be customized and adapted by your in-house team.

Use NetLink E-Commerce Software for:

  • Your Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer ecommerce website. It includes shopping cart functionality or use the API to integrate to other carts
  • Full integration to payment gateways for ecommerce and customer self-service payments
  • Your self-serve customer portal
  • Browser based access to your CRM data. Your sales team out on the road now can work as if they are in the office
  • Browser based access for your service team. There is no need for an expensive separate mobile service solution.
  • Complete warehouse handheld integration

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