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Service Schedule Dispatch Portal

Quality scheduling is critical to operational efficiency – and revenue – in the world of service managers. Streamline and simplify the dispatch of your service teams with SouthWare’s Web-based Service Scheduler and Dispatch Portal. We take the guess work out of resource planning and accelerate your key scheduling processes.

SouthWare centralizes service team availability and location, assignment requirements, and more, so you can deploy and manage field employees with zero conflicts at lower administrative cost.

Access the full potential of your calendar with alternate views by day, week, month, and technician. The user friendly calendar delivers real-time tracking of your service calls and ensures your team’s time is maximized. The preview function gives you instant access to order details and enables you to “zoom in” and make quick changes to scheduled work assignments with the click of mouse. And the optional technician mapping function provides driving routes for assignment locations.


Key Features:

  • Get a birdseye view of your service department, open orders and dispatching
  • Preview and edit scheduled assignments and orders online
  • Alternate calendar views by day, week, month, and technician
  • Make changes on the fly with the ease of drag and drop functionality
  • Integrate with Microsoft Mappoint to get field technicians in the right place at the right time

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