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Warehouse Tracking Software

SouthWare’s Warehouse Tracking module adds multi-bin tracking and warehouse transactions to the capabilities of SouthWare’s Inventory module. Get better management of your warehouse without more work.

Warehouse Tracking provides you with warehouse details for the information in Inventory and Sales while keeping your warehouse records separate from your stock and order information. Your Inventory and Sales operators don’t need to enter warehouse information and your warehouse operators don’t work with anything but warehouse information. This clear segmentation gives you the benefits of an integrated system for purchasing, receiving, put away, stocking, selling, picking, staging, shipping and more without requiring complicated data entry functions.

Key features include:

  • Identify each storage ID or bin
  • Use both fixed (bins, slots) and moveable (pallets, license plates) storage IDs   
  • Organize the storage IDs into zones/areas for easy review
  • Store a stock item in multiple storage IDs
  • For putaway, use pre-assigned or “floating” assignments
  • Keep track of items in moveable storage IDs such as pallets and trailers
  • Do directed putaway with option to receive directly into bin
  • Do directed picking with option for combined picking (wave) or zone picking
  • Option for separate Packing/Shipping transactions
  • Suggest picking locations based on oldest received, locator preferences, or largest quantity
  • Optionally match attributes of storage IDs with required attributes of stock items (such as refrigerated, hazardous, secured, etc.)

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