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Point of Sale Software

For retail or counter sales situations, you want to process the sale fast so the customer can be on his way. If the customer has questions you want instant access to the answers. You also want to handle returns, discounts, delivery, split payments, and other needs quickly and accurately.

SouthWare’s Point of Sale integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory software to give you a complete inventory sales and management system. With Point of Sale you get the power of an order entry system with the speed and convenience you need in a point of sale station. This system can be customized for just the entry features you need and integrates with numerous hardware options to create the system that’s right for your business.

Key features include:

  • Customize which keystrokes should be required to record a sale
  • Combine returns and new sales on the same invoice
  • Capture as much or as little information about each customer as you wish
  • Integrate with hardware options such as electronic cash drawers and bar code readers
  • Easily handle special situations such as layaways, requests for delivery, and special orders
  • Instantly know the availability and location of any stock item
  • Remind your operators to suggest related add on items
  • Tightly control receipts by tracking your cash, check, and credit card payments and reconciling them per operator

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