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Item Group Matrix Adapter

If you sell items that belong to groups or styles that can be presented via a row/column matrix such as color/size, you want to be able to enter and review quantities for items via a matrix. SouthWare’s Item Group Matrix Adapter, an add-on module for SouthWare’s Inventory Series, allows you to use a matrix-oriented entry interface to efficiently buy, sell, and receive items within a matrix group. For example, you could set up colors as matrix group rows and sizes as columns and then easily buy, receive, and sell items within the group. You can quickly enter multiple quantities for items within a group and the system will generate the necessary related transactions.

Key features include:

  • Utilize different matrix types of row/column combinations such as clothing color/size, show color/size, variety/size, product/user count, pants waist/inseam, lumber dimensions, plant size/variety, etc.
  • Identify all the row/column attributes that apply to a matrix type.
  • Specify which attributes apply to each group matrix.
  • Use the same group definition in multiple locations.
  • Automatically generate stock records needed from group row/column combinations OR use existing stock numbers.
  • Indicate that certain row/column combinations are not applicable within a group.
  • Inquire stock item information for items in a matrix group.
  • Easily view and edit quantities for group matrix items via a grid or tree in the following entry programs: Sales order entry, Purchase order entry, Purchasing work file entry, Service order entry, and Receiving entry.

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