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Integrated Equipment Rental Management

Process the pricing, renting, tracking, and management of your rental contracts and inventory with SouthWare’s Rental Department. An add-on module to SouthWare’s Inventory Control, Rental Department is an ideal solution for the business that both rents and sells items.

You can sell Resale Items and rent rental items in the same invoice. Your invoices for rental contracts flow into the standard invoicing process history and reporting options available for other SouthWare invoicing products. If you service your equipment, SouthWare’s Service Management modules integrate to give you a complete sales/rental/service solution.

Key features include:

  • Track Rental Items by specific Tracking Number or by quantity only.
  • Quickly create a rental contract from any SouthWare billing entry program.
  • Add inventory items, services, or other types of line items handled by the billing entry program to a rental transaction
  • Track availability and scheduling conflicts for each rental item.
  • Identify items which are past due for return.
  • Handle various rental pricing structures with the system automatically figuring out which rental unit (hours, days, weeks, etc.) to use for each rental transaction.
  • Easily rent and analyze kits or combinations of items via Inventory/Control Standard Bills and Kit Codes
  • Handle special commission and taxing override situations.
  • Transfer rental inventory between locations with the option to treat these as sub rentals for additional control.
  • Report on scheduled deliveries and pickups of rental items from customer sites.

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