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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution



Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors are unique organizations. When you purchase large quantities of product, you have to have large sufficient receiving, warehousing and shipping space! Of course, this means you also have to be able to quickly and easily track your purchases, sales and your inventory. You probably also track your warehouse and shipping equipment like trucks, forklifts, pallets. Having a complete grasp of your day to day operations often means the difference between profit and loss—you need to know your landing costs, what your margins are, and what you need or have available to sell.

Your volumes and your aggressive cost and sale structures make you the ideal candidate for an ERP system. FLBSS has the expertise and the industry know-how to tell you more about how an ERP system can support your day-to-day operations and position you for success. We can help you to select, customize and implement an ERP solution that will address your warehouse management needs, give you access to critical data, and automate your order process. We can also train you in its use and support you as you systematize your operations.

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