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Firearms and Ammunition Distribution

Firearms and Ammunition Industry


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The firearms and ammunitions industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States. Not only are you concerned with your supply chain, your warehousing and your shipping needs, you’re also thinking about staying compliant and knowing your customer. When you think about implementing industry-leading software to assist you in managing your operations, you probably think about compliance before you think about your bottom line.

ERP systems give you the best of both worlds: Get a better grip on your day-to-day work and enjoy the security of knowing that you are tracking your inventory accurately and completely. FLBSS has worked with firearms and ammunitions dealers for more than 20 years , and we understand your special requirements. We stand ready. We can help you to get ready for improved efficiencies, aim for total compliance, and fire the many disparate systems you’ve been using in favor of one complete solution that can help you to manage all of the facets of your business.

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