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At FLBSS, we don’t just specialize in ERP systems. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide operational consulting to make our clients effective in how they use ERPs to manage their businesses. ERPs are broad spectrum: From start to finish, an ERP literally touches every aspect of your business—from sales to order fulfillment to shipping to managing service calls!

 Equipment dealers have a two-pronged business model and we understand that this model can create challenges. Instead of tracking your sales in a typical off-the-shelf accounting program and then managing your service appointments and recurring maintenance calls in Excel, turn to single tool that can help you do everything! ERPs provide both flexibility and structure—they adapt to your existing workflows and provide a consistent framework for you to capture your critical business data. We can’t wait to tell you more about how an ERP can benefit equipment dealers—call us today!

Key Features of the Equipment Servicing app:

  • Knowing the detailed service history for each piece of equipment you service
  • Know the warranty dates on each piece of equipment you sell so you can bill service work accurately and know when to offer a service contract 
  • Ability to keep track of a piece of equipment as it moves between customers or contracts
  • automatically schedule preventative maintenance service work on equipment that is under contract
  • Price your service contacts based on rates per piece of equipment on the contract
  • Instantly know whether a piece of equipment is covered by a service contract
  • Make sure you propose a service contract on every piece of equipment you sell
  • Keep track of metered usage on certain equipment
  • Know the profitability and repair history of each model of equipment you service. 


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