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Electronic Products Distribution

Electronic Products Distribution

We know your electronic component distribution business better than anyone else.

For many years, Florida Business Software Solutions has worked side-by-side with the electronic component and semiconductor industry. We understand your unique needs, and we also understand the pains you may be experiencing with your current software. We specialize in helping electronic component distribution businesses with the selection, customization, implementation, training and support of business software solutions designed to meet your financial and operational needs.


We understand the trials and tribulations you face every day:

  • Fluctuations in demand make balancing inventory levels hard.

  • Determining the accurate net profit of each order is difficult when attempting to capture and track costs incurred against individual orders (bank fees, shipping fees, testing fees, etc).

  • Calculating commissions for your sales reps is virtually impossible without knowing the accurate net profit of each order.

  • Processing multiple return authorizations and automating your shipping process is a pain.

  • Maintaining high QA/QC standards by documenting non-conforming materials and internal procedures is a tiresome task.

  • Data laboriously entered  in different spreadsheets and stored in various locations throughout the company means wasted time, room for errors and extra confusion.


You’ve built a reputation for excellence, and now you wonder how to stay competitive.

Customers rely on you to deliver their products accurately and on time. When you're busy trying to manage what's holding you back, you lose sight of your customers' wants and needs. Customers look to distributors like you to help them better manage the supply chain and provide marketing intelligence, decrease inventories and speed product delivery. Give them what they want (and what you need!) with a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning software system.


Having a sophisticated, centralized  and computerized inventory system is essential for success.

Your business needs real-time information and data regarding:

  • Inventory levels

  • Pricing

  • Customer order status

  • Supplier orders

  • Analysis of inventory turns by product

  • Order backlogs

  • Rejected materials

  • Other quantity and quality measures


Let us show you how a more robust system can make a difference in your business.

ERP software like SouthWare’s Excellence Series can revolutionize your business, just as it has for our other electronic component distribution clients.

We’ve helped our clients to:

  • Develop “smart” inventory practices to better handle fluctuations in demand.
  • Easily generate true net profit reports that take into account all costs for each order.
  • Easily create commission reports for all of your sales reps based on true net profit of each order.
  • Easily process and track multiple return authorizations, always knowing the stage of your orders.
  • Maintain high QA/QC standards through automation and tracking.
  • Gain greater visibility into the business operations and increase productivity overall.

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