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eCommerce B2B and B2C Websites Industry




Businesses that offer eCommerce functionality to their customers, clients and to other businesses so often find themselves managing two sets of data—one set captures the actual eCommerce transaction. This information is then migrated (typically by hand!) into the second set of data, the accounting system that tracks the order. This process is time consuming and can introduce errors into the system.

Did you know that an ERP solution with an eCommerce module can eliminate the two-phased approach to managing your eCommerce business? FLBSS has worked with ERP solutions for more than 20 years. Our skills and expertise in technology and business operations have stayed in sync with evolving business models, especially eCommerce. We’d like to tell you more about how an ERP can give you more control over your sales process, how you track your customer base and more. Your shopping cart should connect directly to your financial management tool—we can help you grease your wheels.

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