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November 18, 2020

Using Inventory Reports to Review Quantities

There are many different Inventory/Sales reports available to provide an overall picture of your current inventory, stock availability, quantities, inventory transactions, related sales, costs, etc.  The SouthWare Inventory Manager Portal is a great resource.  Click the link for either Standard Reports or All Reports.  All Reports provides the entire list of inventory related reports and shows both Standard Reports and FYI Reports.

Stock Status Report:  This report is primarily used to check stock quantities, show inventory availability and can be used for re-ordering purposes.  You can generate the report by stock number, description, product category, class/size, or vendor number.  It will show on hand, committed, not available, available, on backorder, on order and on R/A.

Inventory Ledger Report:  This report allows you to trace the transactions that affected the quantity on hand for your stock items.  Each Inventory/Sales process that updates quantity On Hand writes an audit record to the inventory ledger file.  You can choose All Types or a specific type.  Then enter a date range, stock range and location.

Receivings Ledger History Report:  This report lets you review information from the receivings history file.  It is used for reviewing receiving activity for a specific period or for analyzing receiving costs for a vendor.

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