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August 25, 2017

Technician GPS Tracking

SouthWare Tech GPS

You have the option to track the GPS locations of mobile service techs.

  • You must have activated the “Store GPS Tracking Data” option in the Tech Tracking configuration in order to use this feature.

You may access the tracking info for a tech via the GPS Tracking Tab of the Technician Manager portal.  The GPS Tracking Tab shows a map of all GPS positions recorded for a technician during a day. 

When you access the tab the map will show positions for the current date.  The route is sequenced by the time stamp for each GPS position record.  You may view history for other dates by changing the date field and pressing the Update button.  You may also enter select a Starting Time to include only positions from that time forward. You may click on any icon point on the route to see the time and address for that point.

NOTE: MapQuest limits a route to 50 data points, so the map will show only the first 50 GPS positions for a date.  You may use  the Start Time option to skip earlier records if needed. Documentation

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