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October 2, 2019

New Feature - Include Credit Card Payment in Cash Flow

You now have the ability to include a credit card payment in the Cash Flow Deposit Hold System.  In CF - Bank Deposit Portal, users now have the option to include their credit card payments as part of the Deposit Hold System.  In CF-04-01 Bank Account Maintenance, there is a new questions for Field #13:

     Use Deposit System: Y/N

     Holding Acct #:  type in acct

     Use with Credit Card:  Y/N

If you answer Y then all payments for that bank account will go to the Holding Account and will show in the Bank Deposit Portal. The user can then decide when to post the credit card payments to cash flow like they do for cash and check payments.

New data dictionary fields:
CF01 field 18 - Bank holding account
CF01 field 19 - Create deposit for credit card transaction flag

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