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October 3, 2019

Enhancement -- Landed Cost

Canceling AP Landed Cost Invoice Clears Allocations --  (Enhancement)

AP Cancel Landed Cost Invoice - when canceling a landed cost invoice, the program now clears allocated landed cost that matches the Invoice #/ AP Trx #.

AP Cancel PO Product Invoice - clears invoiced receiving cost records and landed cost. If canceling a product invoice with landed cost, the program now clears invoiced receivings cost records and allocated landed cost that match the Invoice #/ AP Trx #.

The files that are cleared are the landed cost records and the receiving cost records. The AP/PO cross-reference records are deleted and the cross-reference for the AP header record is created as a negative amount with a sequence of 10.

NOTE: If the landed cost was allocated at receivings time or final allocation has been done, a warning message will let you know that landed cost cannot be cleared from the PO files and will ask if you want to continue anyway.

Before this enhancement, the program would cancel the invoice without any clearing of the landed cost files or any warning that landed cost was involved. 

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