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September 3, 2020

Add a Field to a Custom Report

If you have a custom report and just want to add a new field, it's a fairly simple process.  First, know the report name.  Then, go to a portal page and look for the ALL REPORTS link. This will open the report page and give you access to either the report name or description (right column). Or, you can use the “Go To FYI” link. Either will work.

If you click on the Go to FYI link, make sure that the Category is ALL and then just type in the report name in the white box or search for the name in the list.

When the report is accessible, you will have the Parameters, Grid View, Export and Design tabs. Click on the Design Tab to get access to “Fields to Retrieve”.  If it states that you need to use the Custom Layout – use F8 to exit out of the program and give our office a call. It’s won’t be quite as easy of an add.

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