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Keeping you up to date on the latest from FLBSS in addition to bringing you information to help you and your  business increase efficiency, run smoothly and become overall more productive. As always we invite your feedback! 

May 5, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips for Vendor Records

It's time again to review and update your Vendor Records.  Are you ready to stop mailing and start emailing purchase orders?  Make sure that the vendor contact information is up-to-date.  Review yo

April 28, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips for Customer Records

Every so often, we need to go through our customer records and clean-up or review our data.  Think of it as Spring Cleaning for your business.  If you have older customer records, maybe you want to

April 24, 2020

Override Pricing "Clean-up"

We've had several questions recently asking us how to double check SouthWare's pricing files.  Or, better yet, why a customer is getting a "special price" on a specific item when they shouldn't.  H

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