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April 3, 2017

5 Signs Your Service Order Software Doesn't Work

Is your current system working as well as it should be for what your company needs? With the continuous advances in modern technology some companies are able to gain a significant advantage over their competitors by implementing the right system. However on the other hand some systems may not be meeting all your needs. Here are five ways to evaluate your system to ensure you are getting the most out of your software: 

  1. The system isn't integrated with scheduling and preventative maintenance. A successful service order software implementation allows businesses to manage regular maintenance along with customer on-demand calls for service. In order to leverage technicians' time and availability, a technician that is dispatched to a site for a trouble call would be alerted to scheduled maintenance also due at that specific location.This allows for the most efficient use of the technician- which in turn saves both time and money by limiting the necessary trips. 
  2. You are unable to manage resources dispatched for each call. Making sure you are sending the best technician for the job is key to saving time for the technician, money for your business, and raising customer satisfaction. 
  3. You can't see real-time updates and notifications. It is important that dispatchers have visibility into the status of the service order so they know when technicians are in transit to a work site, when they have arrived, as well as when they finish their task. Allowing for both effective use of manpower and customer satisfaction. 
  4. The system doesn't suggest standard parts required for service. An effective service work order software prompts technicians for the parts they will need prior to departing to the job site, allowing for minimized trips. On-hand inventory can be verified to ensure the most efficient use of the technician's time. Also information regarding the parts used in previous work orders at the site can be referenced as well as prior work performed and a complete record of those visits. 
  5. Your billing is delayed, or needs to be handled internally by another party. Effective service order software will bill customers properly and accurately for work performed-even improving cash flow by enabling the technician to present an invoice at the time of the work. If you still invoice after the service order or need to manually create invoices for payment, your service order software isn't working for you. To add insult to injury, inaccurate or incorrect billing can leave customers confused or frustrated, which can add additional delays in payment. 

What can SouthWare and FLBSS do for you?

Our professionals have the experience needed to implement service order management that helps control costs and also enhances customer service. Let our technical and business knowledge assist your company with solutions specific to your business needs.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve excellence by resolving the issue the right way the first time. SouthWare and FLBSS are your partners for installation, training, as well as on-going support for our system, assuring your satisfaction and maximizing your ROI. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your business success!


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